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Dinner with mom. Jon. Claire. [Mar. 27th, 2005|12:23 am]
Of Swords and Legends


All and all I'm a lucky son.

Jon was chopping vegetables, working on a stew for Beli and him later that evening. It was a rare day off for him since things at the museum had calmed down some.

Claire knocked firmly on the door.

Jon put down the knife and walked to the door. He checked the peep hole and smiled when he saw his mum. "Mum, I wasn't excepting you." he said as he opened the door.

"I've come to take my favorite son to dinner..."

Jon blinked but smiled. "Okay, let me just call Beli so she knows were doing stew tomorrow night instead." He gestured for her to come in. "Make your self at home; I'll just be a moment.

Claire nodded, relaxing on the couch, "I've met her."

"Yea, she mentioned you two ran into each other at Joe's. Nothing else thou."

Jon sounded curious before he disappeared into the kitchen to dial up Beli.

Even if Claire hadn't learned from Beli early that she spent a good amount of time at the apartment, the pair of earrings on the end table would have given them away.

Claire picked them up with a raised eyebrow before putting them back silently.

"Okay, ready to go," Jon said as he came back out the kitchen. "Thanks for inviting me mum. We haven't done anything together just us in awhile."

"I've missed you." She murmured, standing.

"I missed you too, mom." Jon hugged her tightly. "I am glad you and dad are here in Paris."

She kissed his head, "Love you."

"I love you too," Jon told her then offered her his arm. "Shall we go?"

She smiled brightly, taking his arm and leading him out.

"So where are we going?"

"I've not been in Paris very long. Where do you like that doesn't have plastic forks?"

"There's a nice little café near the museum, very good mix of French and European food."

"As opposed to that French food from Asia?" She asked archly.

Jon rolled his eyes. "Mom," he complained.

"Well?" She laughed at him.

"It's still good food." He told her.

"I trust you." She smiled, following him out.

"Thanks," Jon grinned. A little while later, they arrived at the cafe. The hostess new Jon and gave them a seat that had a nice view of the museum.

"How have you and dad been?"

"Pretty good, actually. We've been missing you."

"I thought you'd be glad not to be doing my laundry anymore," Jon joked.

Claire snorted, "You're old enough to do it on your own."

"You do dad's!" Jon pointed out with a laugh.

"And he cooks." Amy said serenely.

"I cook," Jon sniffed trying to sound put out as the waitress came by for their drink orders. Jon ordered chardonnay for himself.

Amy ordered water, "I hear you do it quite well."

"Beli told you that?" he asked trying not to flush.

"She mentioned it."

"I'm glad you've gotten to meet her." Jon said honestly then paused. "Did you like her?"

"I did actually. I'm not sure your Father will."

"What? Why? I thought you'd be the one that didn't like her."
Claire shrugged simply.

Jon started to say something but the waitress came and brought their drinks. Jon took a sip of wine to buy himself time. "I like her a lot mom."

"How much?"

"I won't say I love her...I don't think I'm ready for that...I don't think she's ready for that. But I could."

Claire nodded slowly, "She's Immortal."
"I'll be one too, it's just a matter of time," Jon said softly. "I know you and dad don't like to hear it, but sooner or later...”

"And that makes it less safe for you to be with her, Jonny."

"If anything gets me killed it'll be being a MacLeod," Jon voice was dry.

"...Point." She agreed.

"Both you and dad are immortal," Jon pointed out.

"Don't remind me."

Jon reached across the table and squeezed his mother's hand. "Hey I'm not running off to get eloped with her." He flushed slightly. "We haven't even kissed more than a few times."

"But she stays at your place?" She raised an eyebrow.

"She sleeps on the couch," Jon told her. "Hey you guys raised to me a gentleman."

"Well you did at least."

"Good." She said, not entirely believingly.

"Hey I'll be alright; you guess taught me to be careful." He squeezed her hand
again. "Have you and dad been over to the museum yet?"

"We’ve not visited the museum yet."

"You should, I'm sure Amy, and Marcus would be happy to see you both again. Oh, Richie's in town too! "

"It's a reunion." She smiled a little uncomfortably.

"Well no... Yeah...I guess your right. Amanda is in town too."

"Anyone else?"

"Not anyone else I can think of, Percy might be around but I haven't seen him. Forgot to ask Richie about him when I saw him last."

"So not a Gathering, persay."

"Mom if it was the gathering you'd know. I don't remember the last time I heard about someone being challenged."

Claire shrugged again, "Good."

"That's a sentiment I can agree with," Jon grinned.