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Connor and Claire pay a vist to Jon (Backdated to Tuesday March 1) - Swords and Legends [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Connor and Claire pay a vist to Jon (Backdated to Tuesday March 1) [Mar. 14th, 2005|11:29 pm]
Of Swords and Legends



Claire leaned against the wall outside of Jon's apartment. They'd already been to the hotel and dropped off their baggage, coming over without calling Jon. "He's going to be cross."

"I've been told this is one of the joys of parenthood, dropping in unannounced," Connor chuckled, as they headed into Jon's apartment building.

"Ah, the joys of parenthood." Claire leaned on Jon's bell.

"Lets wait till this one is a few centuries old before we take on another, eh?"

A few moments later, Jon answered the door a trash bag in his hand and dust in his hair. "Ah...Da, mum...your here."

"He was warned." Claire said, looking up at Connor.

"Ah kinda?" Jon looked sheepish and held the door open for his parents. "How was the flight?"

"I see I'll have to talk to Duncan about biting his tongue again." Connor laughed.

"Chew it off." Claire slipped inside, looking around. "How are you, Jonny?"

Connor ruffled his son's hair. "Place doesn’t' too bad."

"Alright, working hard at the museum. Amy's a real slave driver...err you didn't hear that from me." Jon tried to look innocent.

"I've heard it before." Claire smiled. "I went to school with her for a bit."

Jon look puzzled for a moment. "Oh yea, I keep forgetting your not as old as dad."

Connor choked on a laugh.

"I just look young and pretty, Jon." Claire snorted.

"Are you saying I'm wrinkled and old?" Connor asked her.

Jon rolled his eyes. "Do you want a beer, dad? Mom?"

"A beer would be good Jon."

"Water for me." Claire smiled, "And then we'll take you for dinner."

"You guys don't have to; I mean you just got into town..." Jon said.

"Jon, we're your parents and it's our prerogative to drop in unannounced and take you to dinner. You don’t have a girl stashed away or anything," Connor teased.

Claire made as if to check the closets.

"Uncle Duncan, told you about Beli huh?" Jon asked flushing slightly.

Claire raised an eyebrow slowly.

"He mentioned something about a young lady you were keeping company with," Connor told his son, knowing he was going to get it from Claire later.

"Her name's Beli." Claire stated, obviously looking for elaboration.

Jon shrugged. "Belinda, but she told me she'd hurt me if I called her that. “ Jon smiled a bit. "She's Amanda's student, Duncan knew her when she was a kid."

"How old is she?"

Connor looked expectantly at Jon.

"22, not much older than me." He shrugged. "She only died a few years ago. And we're not really dating, just friends."

"She's immortal." Claire frowned.

Jon nodded.

Claire looked like she had a bad taste in her mouth

"Claire," Connor started.

"Ready for dinner?" She asked crisply.

Father and son shared a look of panic and nodded. Neither dared cross Claire.

Father and son shared a look of panic and nodded. Neither dared cross Claire.

"Coat, Jon." She turned to the door.

Jon grumbled and grabbed his coat.

"Don’t give me that look Jon, you could have picked up the phone and told us about her." Connor pointed out.

"At any time." Claire called out.

The two MacLeod's followed her out, Jon locked up after them.